In the Morning

In the morning, you have given gentleness, kindness, patience, calmness. In the vigor of the morning, you have provided sun-rays, birds chirping, a risen Savior, a song for the day that resonates in our hearts. Our mornings are normal. Historically, tears daily and wandering minds inquired, “Is it normal for individuals to cry everyday? IsContinue reading “In the Morning”

Black girl, Colorful heart

Blessed with so many friendships, black, brown, white. I am attracted to personalities. Unfortunately, we do not discuss racial injustices because it is not the most comfortable for many whites and sometimes myself, but the truth is being black in America has not been the most comfortable due to so many stereotypes. I do notContinue reading “Black girl, Colorful heart”

The Elephant in the Room

It’s not how much money you earn that counts, but how much money you keep. Furthermore, how does that money give you a return? Financial literacy is an underexposed topic within the middle income market. Families earn money, but lack money management skills. In my experience, families spend more than they make because of 1.Continue reading “The Elephant in the Room”