There is a Rainbow After the Storm

Strong. Smart. Gorgeous. Opinionated. Vocal. Integrity. Loyal. Extroverted. Lover of life. Athletic. Determined. Hard worker. Persistent. July 2008, my family and I celebrated the holiday traditionally at my grandma’s home. My cousin mistakingly, kept bumping into my chest and it caused so much pain. The last time she did so, she said I was pregnant.Continue reading “There is a Rainbow After the Storm”

Shoes and Sacrifices

Nothing stands between a girl and her shoes. Unless it’s her children. Mothers around the world are being celebrated this month for their unselfish love, their sacrifices, their memory making with their little ones, their unmatched example. On this day 37 years ago, a mom had made dresses for her daughter’s wedding party including herContinue reading “Shoes and Sacrifices”

Put Some Respect on My Name

Words of wisdom from the notable designer Diane Furstenburg, “I have always believed that when you have a voice, you have the obligation to empower others.” In business and in life, your voice will empower those around you, your example will inspire those around you to sharpen their character and skills. I recall countless occasionsContinue reading “Put Some Respect on My Name”