Fear to be Me or Free to be Me

In a world where filters are approved to post to social media, in a world where you can switch your hair and transform your appearance countless times throughout the day, in a world where you can add a voice to your story, in a world where you think before you speak, you care what people say, just be who you are because everyone else is already taken. Oftentimes, women and men fear what others see and afraid how they are perceived if they are simply themselves and because of this it prevents people from executing goals and developing healthy relationships. I say, you filter out those who do not matter when you are unapologetically yourself.

Imagine switching your true self to a faux self in every room you entered. Is that fair to who you are? Is that fair to those potential relationships that you could strengthen down the road. In my opinion, I think not. I do not think it is fair to self because you have to give yourself permission to be yourself and those who matter will gravitate to you and accept your gifts for what they are. You have to operate in your gift. Share your personality and ideas with the world.

Fear not what others may think of how you say certain things due to your lack of language or experience. Move in honesty and pureness. Speak with great pride and care. Move blissfully and truthfully, I cannot encourage this enough.

Additionally, being someone other than yourself totally misleads those who could prospectively want to establish a bond. Think about it, you meet someone new, but you withhold the true you. You continue to have encounters with this individual and you continue to withhold your daring self. What type of effect does that have on your mind? What type of impact does that have on your faux friendship? Stress at best. Stressed about the lie that you’ve been conveying. Having to live in one lie to keep up with all of the lies. Fear will corrupt a lifestyle. Fear will cripple a mind. Fear will control a destiny. Do yourself a favor and do not allow fear boss you around.

Easy to say, huh? Knowing that fear makes it’s appearance frequently and unexpectedly, here are a few action steps to use boss fear:

1. Develop a plan

2. Develop a power statement

3. Identify your people for support

4. Progress not perfection, question what you have done each day towards progress

5. Don’t stop until you get it

The goal is to fear less and move in the direction of your goals. When was the last time you were afraid to fear less and pursue your greatness be it a new love, a new career, a new appearance, a new location, a new attitude? Looking back at that experience, did you allow fear to abort the new experience or did you do it afraid? What is the worst that could have happened? Are you fearful of failure? Will you allow failure to dictate your purpose? Undoubtedly, these questions are for self reflecting when fear sets in and they will also help with taking yourself seriously, standing firm on what you desire and accomplishing it until it is granted. My prescription, be fear less and be free! Always remember to walk in purpose on purpose. So much love to you all!

Published by thedynasty1

I am Rekeshia S. Hudson, a loving mother to two daughters, a determined, lover of God, a world changer living a proposed driven life. My profession serves as a Recruiter within the Financial Services Industry where I recruit, license, develop and train leadership to assist families in the middle income market to establish financial game plans. I am a magnet for positivity, progression, peace and happiness.

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