Lights. Camera. Action.

A girl who knows where she is going. A girl who knows how to entertain herself. A girl who loves learning. A girl who is kind and caring. A girl who is colorful and full of bliss. My little spunky, Rylee is the epitome of drama and creativity. She is introverted, she is full of fun, loves fashion, make-up, nail polish, jewelry making, her mommy and big sissy.

My maternal grandmother believed children should have at least one sibling. Prior to a conversation with her, my husband and I had decided to no longer have any more children due to my many complications during pregnancy. My grandmother made several valid points, so my husband and I took what she’d said into consideration. June 2015, one year after she passed away, Rylee was born. She was born on my paternal grandmother’s birthday and she shares my maternal grandmother’s middle name. It is believed that Rylee has been imparted with many of their qualities. She is curious, analytical, intuitive, a forward thinker, observant, full of light, endearing, loving, family oriented, theatrical, and so much more.

Oftentimes, I contemplate the blessing she has been to my oldest daughter and I. She brings so much value and conscientiousness to our family. Rylee inspires those around to live an exhilarating life. Be true to who you are, make music, dance, wake up and dress up. On her worst day, she looks her best. She loves wearing dresses and high heels shoes. Her zest for life is infectious.

There’s a saying that expresses we only live once. Contrary to what some believe, others debate that we live everyday. I am of the thought that every day we wake up, we are given the opportunity to live. What are you doing with the time allotted? What have you been procrastinating about? What is on your vision board? What is your life’s theme? Are you always ready so you do not have to get ready? Ready for what? The chance that you have been praying for, awaiting, planning for. The lights are on. The camera is focused. It’s time to take action.

Published by thedynasty1

I am Rekeshia S. Hudson, a loving mother to two daughters, a determined, lover of God, a world changer living a proposed driven life. My profession serves as a Recruiter within the Financial Services Industry where I recruit, license, develop and train leadership to assist families in the middle income market to establish financial game plans. I am a magnet for positivity, progression, peace and happiness.

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