There is a Rainbow After the Storm

Strong. Smart. Gorgeous. Opinionated. Vocal. Integrity. Loyal. Extroverted. Lover of life. Athletic. Determined. Hard worker. Persistent.

July 2008, my family and I celebrated the holiday traditionally at my grandma’s home. My cousin mistakingly, kept bumping into my chest and it caused so much pain. The last time she did so, she said I was pregnant. I never thought that could be true because my husband and I had not planned to be parents any time soon. We had only been married a year and our plan was to wait at the minimum five years. The next day I took a pregnancy test and, you guessed it, POSITIVE! I was pregnant. My husband and I were overwhelmed with so much joy. Throughout my first two trimesters I had extremely severe morning sickness. I’d like to call it morning, noon and evening sickness. I felt horrible, thankfully during the summer months, we worked from the office rather than the school because I seldom wore professional attire, neatly arranged my braids and let’s not forget how tardy I was EVERYDAY. I was miserable, hahahaha. Time progressed, my son was developing healthy, my symptoms became bearable and excited could not describe what we felt as we anticipated the arrival of Caleb Thaddues Hudson who was due February 26, 2009.

Sadly, October 2008, while at East High School, where I had worked, what was a normal day turned into an agonizing life memory. I began to feel contractions at 19 weeks pregnant. The administrative secretary rushed me to the hospital where I later loss our son. Hurt. Frustrated. Despair. Insecure. Sad. Mad. I was filled with grief. We had no idea how that had happened. We were left without an explanation. We attempted again December 2008 and you will not believe at 16 weeks pregnant, April 16, 2009, our son Chase Alexander Hudson, was stillborn. Whew, JESUS!!!!! I had already changed my doctor since there was NO clear reason why I had loss my first son from my previous doctor. Once we discovered, it’s solely my body, we were lost for words! Depressed. Reticent. Curious as to why and how does this continue to happen, my husband and I prayed and sought an explanation. In 2010, the Lord used two doctors within the clinic who mentally helped us more so than anything, have a healthy and oh so gorgeous little rainbow baby.

The moment I placed my eyes on Chance, I freely praised God for the gift He had given us. She was and remains everything and more. I could not have been given a better baby girl. My heart was full and daily when I think about how she belongs to me, I am undoubtedly, blessed and proud. God really did an incredible thing when He created my oldest daughter.

Chance Imani Hudson, a little socialite, preteen of integrity, helpful, full of life, strong-willed, courageous, lover of Jesus Christ, a therapist, is our rainbow after the storm. Chance loves making TikTok videos, baking, lacrosse, soccer, volleyball, tennis, cross country, gymnastics, girl time with her baby sister and her friends. She enjoys family gatherings, watching movies, her alone time, attending school, and doing her nails. Her personality is chatty and easy going. She is a private person. She keeps me in check. Hahahaha, she never says, OKAY. She always negotiates. In her opinion, she always has a better idea. Whew, Chile!!!!!! She possesses a mammoth amount of energy and never wants the party to end. She loves love. She is a meticulous shopper. She understands the concept of working hard and playing hard. She is a confident little girl who will wear two different patterns and be the loudest in the room. It tickles me because I am watching how she focuses so much on how time is spent, rather than what she looks like while it’s spent. Her focus is always internal, how it makes her feel. She is self-assured.

Chance will wear jeans, a pullover, a beautiful hairstyle, manicured nails and be equipped with all of the her Apple products. Chance inspires me to be comfortable in the skin that I am in, she shows me that weird is cool and if we were all the same the world would be boring. People will accept you as you are or leave you alone and that is okay. Do not shrink who you are to fit in. The way she lives her life reminds me not to sweat the small stuff. Her life screams, “Be who you are!”

Life has its ups, downs and turn arounds. There will be obstacles. There will be hills to climb, mountains to move. My baby’s life is an example of how valid struggles are and how persistence and prayer pays off. As a result of having Chance as a daughter I am awarded the life experience to ride this roller coaster of life with this beautiful, spirited little leader. As she often tells me, “ Mom, worry about yourself.” In other words, concern myself with what makes me secure and free. Live life without any regrets. Set your own standards. Be kind. Live out your morals taught by love ones. Follow the golden rule. Live hope. Love truly. Laugh aloud. Indeed, this rainbow serves as an infinite reminder that dreams come true. Chance, is our dream come true. I’m so glad to have her. There’s a rainbow, after the storm. Don’t you dare give up! Chance is a reminder of what is worth fighting for, no matter how far fetched it seems. No matter how impossible, it feels. Don’t you dare stop trying! So much love to you all!

Beautiful girl, you’re strong, you’re smart, you can do hard things!

Published by thedynasty1

I am Rekeshia S. Hudson, a loving mother to two daughters, a determined, lover of God, a world changer living a proposed driven life. My profession serves as a Recruiter within the Financial Services Industry where I recruit, license, develop and train leadership to assist families in the middle income market to establish financial game plans. I am a magnet for positivity, progression, peace and happiness.

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  1. Beautiful and encouraging!!! People going through similar situations will know they are not alone and to know there’s Hope if you keep believing and seeking God! Awesome!!!

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